Electronic Medical Systems in Uganda

Improve Health Care, Save Money And Most Importantly Save Lives.  All Uganda’s Health Care Centers and Hospitals Need An Electronic Information Systems ?

Do electronic medical records improve quality of care? Electronic medical records have had a positive effect on patient care and the work lives of Doctors. Over the past few decades our medical knowledge has increased. More investigative and treatment options are available; as a result our patients are living longer and we are dealing with […]

Electronic Medical Records in uganda

Electronic Medical Records : A means to Save Lives in Uganda’s Hospitals and Health Care Centers

Uganda’s health system was one of the best in the region by the 1960’s; it got worse in the 1970’s during the military turmoil and civil strife. According to international health indicators, healthcare in Uganda is becoming more accessible and robustly public donor-private interlinked sector. The basic objective of this paper was to provide a […]