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What has led to the low adaption rate of big data analytics in Uganda’s Health Sector?

Currently in Uganda the Health Management Information System is predominantly a paper-based system, with almost all health facilities visited purely using paper-based (manual) capture of patient’s data, and manually aggregate data from source tools into periodic HMIS reports and submit manual reports to the next level. Flow of data is basically a paper-based process, although […]

Data Management

Strengthening Data Management of Medical Records in Uganda’s Government Hospitals and Health Care centers

Strengthening data management of medical records in government hospitals and health care centers is important for planning, monitoring and evaluation which lead to improved data use and health service delivery. When hospital managers have access to timely, complete and accurate data, well stored and easy to retrieve they are able to react appropriately to existing […]

Summary of findings and policy implications
Health Data Mangement

Summary of findings and policy implications in Uganda’s Health Sector

Health Management Information System (HMIS) is Uganda’s overarching national framework that provides the basis for healthcare data capture and routine monitoring of the health sector. Currently the HMIS is predominantly a paper-based system, where data are primarily captured manually using paper-based HMIS registers/forms, tally sheets or reports. Almost all health facilities visited (90%) are involved […]

Insights of Healthcare systems in uganda
Electronic Medical Systems in Uganda

Insights of Healthcare systems and health service delivery in Ugandan’s Hospitals and healthcare centres

Healthcare systems and service delivery is becoming more complex by the day. Population bulge and disease outbreak – including emergence of new diseases significantly aggravate the situation. Transitioning from paper-based medical records to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems is indispensable in managing these complexities. The population in need of medical care in developing countries and […]

Data Management

Ugandans facing difficulties in accessing their health care records

Uganda and Sub-Saharan Africa at large is faced with substantial burden of disease such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and malaria among others. This challenge is exacerbated by healthcare service delivery that is plagued with inefficiency, low quality of healthcare, and generally, increasing complexity in the healthcare system given emergence of new diseases and population bulge. Good […]