Strengthening Data Management of Medical Records in Uganda’s Government Hospitals and Health Care centers

Strengthening data management of medical records in government hospitals and health care centers is important for planning, monitoring and evaluation which lead to improved data use and health service delivery. When hospital managers have access to timely, complete and accurate data, well stored and easy to retrieve they are able to react appropriately to existing issues like planning and allocation of resources. They are also able to plan for the future and focus on preventive and curative actions to help improve on health service delivery.

There is need for Regional Referral Hospitals to have a good data management system in place for capturing accurate, complete, timely data, which is well stored and can easily be retrieved. This necessitates need to have human and structural capacity. Such capacity can be demonstrated in the strengthened data management systems in place that ensure the production of consistent, timely and accurate data.

In Uganda most rural hospital and healthcare centers In terms of data management, data is manually handled both in storage and analysis which is time consuming and leaves a lot of room for error and inconsistence by medical records staff. There is need to strengthen the existing data management systems to integrate the multiple and bulky tools into harmonized and standardized data collection systems, then build the capacity of the staff to enhance data management skills.

This will facilitate the generation of relevant data in the hospital hence access to timely, accurate and consistency data. The electronic database system should be designed to enable monitoring, data storage, processing, retrieval and use of data for quality decision making. Our project will enhance evidence‐based decision making for management basing on the availability of quality data.

Strengthening data management will improve the quality of health care provided through increased data adequacy, data accuracy, improved skills, improved storage and retrieval of records.

In achieving the above output, some challenges were encountered like busy schedule of the hospital staff, poor attitude among others.

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