Role of Pharmaceutical companies in the digital health industry of Uganda

Role of Pharmaceutical companies in the digital health industry of Uganda
Digital health is on the rise. Just last year 2018 $7.9 billion dollars were invested in 585 digital health companies. It’s clearly the way forward, offering better patient outcomes, lower costs and broader consumer access to care. Pharmaceutical companies are eager to join the transformation, recognizing that digital health impacts all aspects of their businesses, from discovery to clinical development to commercialization. The opportunities to get involved are many – there are thousands of digital startups with innovative solutions. Pharmaceutical companies just need to figure out which ones it can collaborate with and how.
Today’s consumers are accustomed to using their mobile devices to efficiently complete many everyday tasks, such as checking their bank balance, ordering a taxi, booking a restaurant reservation, or planning travel and accommodation. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many are starting to ask why their healthcare providers do not provide the same ubiquitous 24/7/365 service and convenience.
In response, healthcare outsiders – companies spanning Uganda like InfoTowerea – are working hard to develop innovative solutions for health so that they solve some of the long-standing healthcare issues that technology can conceivably address, like inefficiencies, costs, access, and quality.
Info Tower provides end to end digital solutions for medical data. We create innovative and streamlined medical software and applications that seek to improve health care delivery to patients. Info Tower is focused on the East African market – especially in Uganda where the average life expectancy is 62.3 years of age.
Our goal is to work with governments by providing data solutions that can improve the information available to make better decisions that will result into optimum allocation of resources to increase life expectancy.
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