Survey Findings on a Drug Access System in Uganda 2019

This survey was conducted basing from the different reviews of the doctors  and patient.

Pateint’s Review
Ivan Kaddua Patient at Mulago Hospital
Ivan gets treatment from department of Nerual in Mulago. Early in the morning doctors come and do medical check up at 8.30 to 10:30 then prescribe medecine for the pateints depending the condition your in. Some of the medicine is available at the hospital dispensaries but the rest you have to buy from the pharmacies out.
Problem Experienced
Prices at the marketprice are high and no mechanisms available that can help to compare the rates from various pharmacies. And as a result of this we are charged highly.
Find difficult in getting the right place where to buy the right medecine from due to the increase in a lot of fake drugs on the market place.National drug authority tracking mechanism is still so manual because you need write a documentation Incase you have a complaint. Which makes it hard for the pateints to submit their complaints.
Knowing the various location of pharmacies also stresses me because it makes life hard bescause I can’t compare the various prices on the market trend.
Hard to get recommendations on a pharmacy and about a drug from various patients who have used the medicine before.
Nalwagga Esther Patient at St. Vincent Hospital
It hard to be helped instantly Incase you have a complaint about a drug bed cause you need to 1st write a documentation then after submit it to the National Drug Authority. Which is tiresome and time-consuming for a patient because it involves a cost on transportation.
I would welcome a system which allows me to submit my complaint online.

Doctor’s Review
Dr.Tibagalika JB International Pharmaceutical kabalangala.
located in the surbs of kampala in kabalangala, Work on an average of 100 patients.with mostly outpatient , walk in patients at the pharmacy and a few inpatient.
Problem Expereinced …..Inflation of fake drugs
In 2017 we registered a bad image ts negatively. In way that once injected to a patient it could bring a bad effect of severe headache. It took time for the National Drug Authority to release this being that there is no quick way of getting patient comment on drugs.i.e No online system where a patient can submit comments on drug. The process is still manual you have to 1st make a documentation on a drug then after . You take that documentation at their centre at Nakawa Kampala uganda. The process is tiresome because it involves use of transport cost depending from where you stay it can cost 4dollars per Journey.
We do have smart phone at our shops and we buy our medecine in Kampala.

Dr.Michael DisCharge Pharmacy Mulago
Located in wandegenya Kampala, and works on 50 to 100 clients per day and most of them are walk in patients.
Problem Experienced ….. Low sales
Currently we do have a customer base but mostly we have walk in clients. Which makes our business in a stagnant state . We would welcome your idea of an online platform where some one can make an order online requesting any drug of his type. We buy our medecine from Kampala town from lakara pharmacy an Indian wholesale Center point. We do have smart phone at our shops.
Dr.Ivan St.Vincent Hospital Kampala
Problem Experienced
Lack of proper systematic system which allows patients to submit in their complaints about a drug to the National Drug Authority, Police and the hospital contact people. The system used is still manual. .Where by a patient has to write a documentation then after submits it to the National Drug Authority.
We would welcome a platform that will help to solve this issue.

National Drug Authority Review
I personally (Lule Shalif) called the authority pretending to be having a complaint on a certain drug. They were so much concerned but the procedures of submission are still manual. I was told to write a documentation of what happened together with the signs and symptoms ,caused then after I submit it to their offices at Nakawa. Incase I was to do this it would cost me 4dollars making the submission process different for Us.
I would welcome a platform that allows me to do submission of my complaint online bescause with this is so cheap in that I will use fee half 1 dollar to buy data.

This survey was conducted by Our feild operations. For More information please contact us on [email protected]



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